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Surf Camp Equipment

Dreamsea Surf Camphas all of the professional and extra-curricular equipment to allow you to extract the most out of your stay here. While Dreamsea’s focus is certainly surfing and glamping, there is much more that goes into providing you the optimal experience in our camp.Whether it be yoga on one of our ascended platforms, table tennis with a new friend, testing your balance on slack line or an indo board, going for a bike ride, playing board games, or simply just relaxing in the common area, listening to music at the bar with a cold beverage, chilling around a campfire, or getting lost in thought in a hammock under our infamous mango tree, the options to remain both active and in unison with your surroundings in the jungle is plentiful!

Discover below the Dreamsea surf camp equipment:

Surf Camp Board

Obviously the surfboard is the key element in surfing, so our surfcamp has a large gamma of different surfboards characteristics and sizes. Our surf camp staff will provide you the perfect surfboard for every step of your learning process.

Table tennis
Surf Camp Ping Pong table

Have you ever dreamed about playing table tennis in the sand, our surf camp has his own table. Join the surf camp tournament, or just play during your free time.

  • Table tennis NB
  • Table tennis rackets NB
Indo Board
Surf Camp inbdoboards

Also knows as balance board is a device used for recreation, balance training, athletic training, brain development, therapy, musical training and other kinds of personal development. It is a lever similar to a see-saw that the user usually stands on, usually with the left and right foot at opposite ends of the board. The user's body must stay balanced enough to keep the board's edges from touching the ground and to keep from falling off the board.

Balance is one of the key skills for surfing, you may use the surf camp balance boards for improving your balance skills.

Flying discs
Surf Camp frisbees

The flying disc, also known as "Frisbee", is one of the most enjoyable sports you can play on the beach, just make some free throws with the lads, or let´s organize an ultimate match.

Surf Camp bikes

Dreamsea surf camp has free use bikes, summer time is always a great time for cycling. Ask for the bikes and enjoy the surf camp surrounding area.

Beach balls
Surf Camp football

Borrow a ball from the camp and practice freestyle football on the beach, or even better, let´s organize a beach football match, or a rugby match on the beach.... sport is life!

Slack Line
Surf Camp games
Yoga Mats
Surf Camp games
Surf Camp games
Slack Line
Surf Camp games
Surf Camp games

If you are too tired for doing sport, or if the daylight is over, why not playing some of our table games. A great selection for having fun sited in front of a beer.

Projector + DVD
surf camp projector

We also have a DVD + a projector, so everybody can enjoy the movie night, or just if you don´t feel like having party today, stay at the camp watching a film.

surf camp music

Dreamsea surf camp has an excellent music equipment, play some of the camps selections, or just plug and play your pen drive, ipod, etc..

Beach bar
Surf Cam beach bar

Our Beach Bar has a selection of cold drinks, beer, smoothies and cocktails, because there is not summer without a good cold beer.