LocalizacionDescubre Tamarindo, el mejor sitio posible para un surf camp en America Central.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica occupies a privileged spot in the heart of Cental America, touches both Pacific coast and the Caribean sea, the magic of their deep and exuberant jungles, wich contein one of the higest biodiversity on the planet, imposing/thundering active volcanoes and the variety of landscapes and microclimates wich you can enjoy in a single day makes this happy and singular country be a dream destination for any adventurer in search of both relaxation and total desconection as the chance to live a unique and radical experience.


Tamarindo, former fishing village, located in Guanacaste region, is a perfect place for the practice of many sports, specially for surfing. Its warm and clear water with a proper waves gives to this beach a optimal conditions for surfing. Tamarindo is known wordlwide as a place for enjoy surfing the Costa Rican Pacific waves, surround by a youth and international environment and for the magic of the landscape.

The Tamarindo Bay is located so close to another two properly beaches for surfing as Playa Grande and Playa Langosta. In this bay is the Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas, so, in this area, is protected the nesting of Leatherback, Parrot and Green Turtle.

Our three main pillars, Sport, Nature and Youth, on wich we base our philosophy, is the optimal combination for you to spend stoking holiday with our fun and genuine team.