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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is Dreamsea of Costa Rica located?

We are located in the Jungle of Tamarindo, It is approximately 2.5 kilometers from the beach, in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

I rented a car, how can I get there?

Once you are in the city/downtown area of Tamarindo, drive east towards the bank "Banco National." When you see the bank on your left, keep driving in the same direction for about 8 blocks until you see the Dreamsea sign (Green Wave) at the end of the road. Then, just follow the signs for about 1kl, taking three turns to the left. If you have any problems just give us a phone call, and we will guide you to camp, or pick you up at no cost.

I am planning on traveling to Dreamsea by myself. Is it safe to do so?

While there will always be concerns and risks involved with traveling alone to anywhere in the world, the surf town of Tamarindo is one of the more community and tourism based cities within the country of Costa Rica. There is a large amount of surf schools, Spanish schools, and restaurants/establishments within the city, allowing for a more populated, and ultimately safer environment for both travelers and tourists. While the crime is minimal, it is still always important to be aware of your surroundings and environment at all times. If walking long distances, especially at night, always see if any fellow Dreamsea campers would like to accompany you. In the grand scheme, Tamarindo is a very pleasant city. If you travel with confidence, compassion, and awareness, you should have no problems at all!

What things are the most important to bring?

A flash light, a bath and beach towel, a padlock, mosquito/bug Spray, sun lotion, and tennis shoes are all essential items to bring with you.

What is the typical age of campers at Dreamsea?

While our camp sees many different ages of guests, our target and common demographic is between 18-29 years old.